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All I can think of is frogs
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Friday, January 29th, 2010
1:48 am
Entergy: monopoly of ass fuckers

I am pissed. No, livid.  In the 2 years I've lived in this apartment the base rate charge has been between $20 and $40.  In my most recient bill my electric usage totaled some $44 but then they raised my "electric base rate charge" to $106.  After tax my bill is $166!!!!! 

Where do they get these rates?  How is that acceptable?  And how do I fight it?  Why am I getting a base rate charge of 240% of my actual utility usage?!?!?!

Friday, October 16th, 2009
12:14 am
I hope UNO burns to the ground.  I hope they lose all their funding and anyone worth anything is employed by some other university and that all the rest of those useless pieces of shit find themselves with employment only as gainful as is necessary to feed them.  and that they too are denied food stamps because their "agent" can't fucking add.

I hope that I graduate this semester so that I never have to deal with anyone relating to UNO ever again.

I hope that no other student ends up as bent over and fucked and left in frustration as I am.

I hope UNO burns to the ground.

I turned in all my paperwork on time.  I was told it would be 4-6 weeks before my accounts were "corrected" (as I have to go through verification every semester because I'm on the 'fuck' list).  Week 7 no response.  Week 8 no response.  Week 9 I send and email "where's my money?" and I get the response that because I've dropped below 1/2 time I don't get any.  Then they actually looked shit up and went "oh, that's right, you still get a pell grant."  COCK-PUNCHING MOTHER-FUCKING SONS OF JACKELS
Oh, and that 1/2 time thing, FUCK YOU ALL, MAY YOU FOREVER BE HAUNTED BY NIGHTMARES OF EVIL RABBITS, I only signed up for the second class (which equals half time) because they failed TWICE to enter my transfer credits correctly and I was thus forced to take a literature class to cover my ass.  Less than 2 weeks in my transcript was finally corrected (after 3 fucking years) and I was able to drop the class.  Oh, but joke's still on me because unless I dropped it in the first week they still charge me full price for the class.  Oh yeah, and they denied my residency AGAIN.  So I'm left paying out of state tuition on 2 classes, one of which I dropped after the 3rd fucking class.  So now they FINALLY get around to getting back to me about my financial aid only to say "you ain't getting shit" and I'm stuck paying out of state on a class I don't even fucking have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After the initial email someone finally did their job and put up my pell grant...even accepted it for me to expidite things. 

I emailed 2 people.  Garrity and Green.  Garrity is rather helpful when she is made aware of things.  She told me in email 1 that I get no money.  In email 2 she corrected that regarding my pell grant.  Later in the day I got a 3rd email, presumably from Ms. Green.  No message, no nothing, just instructions on how to accept my grant...you know, the same way I've been doing every day for a month and a half... exactly as I described in the email I sent her.  True, it may be an automated responce to when Garrity posted my grant (3 weeks late) but is that even better?  Nicol Green was supposed to be in charge of these paperwork issues.  By that I mean:


So the situation now:
I get some pell grant money, enough to cover about 1/3 of my tution
I am not even elegable for student loans
I am paying over 4 times what I should be paying between them denying me residency and charging me for the class I only signed up for becuase they fucked up over, and over, and over again.

but wait, there's more
I'm not making enough to cover bills.  No, just the regular water, power, rent, gas....not even tuition or health insurance or food.  And yes, I wsa turned down for food stamps.  I average $800/month and they somehow have my earnings as $1250/month.  It seems they just multiplied one paycheck rather than look at the 3 years of records, or W-2s, or bank statements, or billing statements.  AND, I just found out that since I moved into my apartment I've been paying for the water and power to the laundry shed in the back yard that is shared by the whold building.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
10:10 pm
I just want to complain a little.

Day sucked because I'm PMSing like crazy.  I'm glad I'll be done for Sunday night at Dragon's Den, and very happy I won't have to deal with it for Halloween.  I wonder if there isn't something like a super-dose midal: the vicadine of menstral drugs.

My day started ok, but 15 minute into work I hated everything.  Everything was annoying and I felt exhausted.

My migrane started long before I left work, but I didn't have anything there to take for it.  I even forgot my extra tea at the house so there was no caffeine for me either.  Stopped at Walmart on the way home to get bananas for my messed up cramping legs (which have been having charly horses since friday on and off) and cookie dough for my girly piece of mind.  Walmart of course was a mistake and ended up being like stabbing myself in the face.

It was nice for a while after that, sitting in the dark with someone special, watching House, waiting for ibuprophen to kick in; but it didn't go as planned. 
Later I went to Brit's for a bit because she called, and she just kicked out her boyfriend and such.  She asked me about the cable bill we share and I spent a good bit of time explaining a mixup...which doesn't help my brain.  But she gave me fruit cocktail, so I'll have that for a snack in a bit.

As I'm leaving her place I ask her to keep a lookout for a package I've been waiting for.  She said, "one came for you yestruday!"  I  checked the side gate, no package.  Checked the back (sometimes the delivery guy rightly worries that it will be taken from the front and leaves them at our back doors) but it wasn't there either.  I texted my neighbors in the building and one had not seen it and the other saw it this morning but didn't move it.  So it seems someone stole my package.  This package was the shoes I ordered in August.  I had to return them then pay to have them reshipped.  In total, because the first shoes were the wrong size, they cost me more in shipping than they themselves cost. 

These boots were the ones for my costumewww.pleaserusa.com/ProductDetail.asp.  The awesome knee high platform high heel, lace up boots I've been missing at every concert and goth night.  These were the shoes that would finally make my black wardrobe fit together.

DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!  I'd scream but unlike when I'm in traffic, it won't make me feel better.  It would also hurt my head.

Then my cousin called.  Nick.  I was suprised but very happy to hear from him.  He is moving to Pensicola for his schooling as a Marine and suggested a visit.  This is exciting.  I like him, and when he was younger we were tight.  It's going to be interesting getting to know him as an adult.
So that was a good thing.

But my head still hurts. And I still don't have my shoes.  And the state won't give me food stamps.  And school did not approve my residency (they say I live here just to go to that black-hole-for-hope UNO), and they also have not come through with my financial aid yet.  6 weeks my ass...if they want money they best get with the giving me my student loans.  Upshot: I worked all weekend so I will have enough money is paycheck to pay my rent (10 days late) and my other bills on time.

Just an agrivating day.  I'd go to the bar and have a drink with friends, but headlights on the road pierce my eyes and stab my brain like a million tiny pain beams.

I'm going to watch Bones www.hulu.com/search, eat fruit cocktail, and know that tomorrow shouldn't be this shitty.  And if it is, I'll live.  If my brain pain doesn't stop though I'm going to do my best to be unconsious for most of tomorrow.

Current Mood: discontent
Monday, July 27th, 2009
12:56 am
Latest update from F-Uno
UNO is a horrible school.  Academics may be good in some areas, but for an institution run by people over the age of 6 it's pathetic.  True, our lovely city is well known among us as being home to some of the most flaky people in the country, but one should be able to expect just a little bit more out of an institution they pay directly.  To be more expressive, and I have said this before, had I known the extent of the incompetence of the establishment of UNO and the shear agony it would cause me I would have happily invested my time and money in a Loyola education.

Here's the latest:  I dropped a class in the Spring and dropped down to 1/2 time.  That caused a change in my Pell Grant which meant that UNO had to pay back $591 to the feds.  I received a notice of this fact, but nothing that said I owed any money.  I never received a bill.  I went online to register for classes in the Fall, my last semester with UNO.  I am unable to do so because I have a hold on my record for a balance on my account to the tune of  $646.  Again, I have never received a bill for any of this.  I got student loans and paid all of my bill out of that in February.  My Pell Grant was dispersed much much later.  I dropped the class in March and didn't get the notice of my reduced Pell Grant until May.  Here it is the tail end of July and this is the first I've found out about owing them money; and to add that little insult it seems I'm being charged a late fee.

I need to refile for residency yet again.  Really, I'm just going to try getting in touch with the right people because I have been dismissed out of hand for the past 4 semesters.  I find little recourse.  I can go before some sort of board, but I have never had the energy to get through all the bullshit required to get to that point.  Though one would think there would be, and there should be, I do not have anyone in administration to advocate on my behalf.  Where such a system in place, as it is in other schools, Megan and myself would be graduates and have gotten to that point without the bitter hatred we now retain for the school.

So to any who read this, or know someone wanting to go to college please please please be advised that UNO couldn't care less for its students.

This news was a cherry bomb on top of a small Sunday of emotional confusion.  All my maudlin sadness was suddenly replaced by destructive rage.  It faded (because Megan was here to talk to about it) to a more compressed desire for revenge for the last years of shit from that school.  Finally, as it always does the feeling has simply left me frustrated and tired.

I hope with all I've got in me that the school either dissolves or restructures.  In its current state it is not worth dealing with, though it has many assets that would be salvageable were people invested enough to rock the doomed sinking boat.

Current Mood: disenchanted
Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
4:08 pm
I'm so aggrivated and sad, tired, frustrated, I could explode in tears and napom.  I hate working on easy things because all I have to do is think about things.  Being home by myself is ok, or would be if there was enough tv to keep things new and interesting, or enough to clean, or enough money that I never had to stop shopping so that I didn't have to care about being sad, or dissapointed.  Somehow my thoughts at work (which I have to go back to in about 30min for another 6 hours) turned over and over from one sad supbject to another dissapointment to social interactions which leave me aggrivated. 

Current Mood: sad
Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
11:53 pm
Life is going quickly, so I've taken up walking to and from work (as weather allows).  I'm finding that after the first few blocks my injured foot stretches and, so long as I've braced my ankle, it feels pretty good.

I've got the puppy which is AWESOME.  We've been making friends at the dog park, running around, then coming home and getting a bath (she gets all muddy, then I give her a bath and smell like wet dog so I get a shower...) and vegging out on the couch.  Life is good with the dog.  Sadly I've fallen back into my bad dreams.  Two nights ago I woke myself up with my own yelling.  I took comfort in the look of "what? I didn't hear anyone come in" from the giant dog.  My dreams lead to shitty sleep so I set aside more time to sleep, but it doesn't help.  Alas, it is just more bad sleep.

I'm finally getting looking at dining tables.  I'm sick of the giant desk that I don't use, and the hodge-podge of underscaled furnature clogging up my dining room.  I've found 2 great buys on craig's list, and I'm talking to both sellers.  One came down in price, and it is just the most BEAUTIFUL table, solid, great condition, my style, comes with 4 chairs and is in my price range.  The other is in only fair condition but has 2 drop leafs so that I could ajdust the size easily, makes me think of grandma's house and costs what I would get for selling the desk in my dining room right now.  
    The messed up thing is that I think the first one, though absolutely beautiful, and would fit nicely in the space, I feel is too nice for me.  I kinda feel like that is a messed up way to feel.  The only furniture in this house I paid more that $50 for was my mattress and box spring set.  The only thing in the house that's really my style is, well, the apt itself.  Yet I feel that I should go with the cheaper, already damaged option so I won't feel so bad when it gets hurt or messed up.

A friend suggested I use hot sauce to clean the copper on a pot.  Rub it on and let it soak a bit.  I forgot about it, but when I woke it was my first thought.  It had turned green, and the green came off with the slightest brush of the dish rag.  I fucked up my favorite pot. I found a tiny spot for it on the drying towel, but it slipped and knocked one of my wineglasses on the floor.  It was slo-mo style, I just couldn't reach it.  So before I did anything else this morning I washed pans and cleaned broken glass off the floor.

I walked to work, and was 30min. late, but discovered a really great coffee shop on St. Charles across from Lafayette Sq.  I'm enjoying discovering the other parts of my neighborhood.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
12:22 pm
I know I'm sick, but I wanna play outside! I'm going crazy
My dress came!!!! It's so beautiful, I love it.  Anticipation for it's arrival has been a bright light in my ouchyness www.trashydiva.com/site/indexNOW.html

However, and this is gross so you can skip to the next paragraph if you like....but I'm keeping food down which is nice, but not liquids, which I didn't realize til after my morning coffee.  ouch.

NANERPUSS!!!  and guess what, I'm on pancakes...

In better news, Sony's coming to town the week after Easter!  Hurray!!!!  If you know of any events we might hit up please let me know.


Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
10:48 pm
I was sick enough today that I actually called in sick to work.  Now I feel less flu-y, but not I've got cramps besides just the ones in my legs and neck (which has given me headaches for many many days now).  I need better pain killers...or less uterus.  I wish I could just pass out...or make it out of the house to get pain relievers and chocolate.

Current Mood: oouuchh
Monday, February 9th, 2009
4:02 pm
Never go to UNO

What you will save in sanity and frustration is well worth the extra cost of a University that actually gives a flying fuck about its students.

I hate this school's administration, and it should die. soon.

maybe there would be hope if it weren't part of the LSU system.  Maybe if they completely re-organized the administrative structure.  but then again, I can just imagine it never existed and be happy for 10 minutes.


Saturday, February 7th, 2009
5:56 am
Great First Date

I just finished one of the best first dates ever.  He took me (he drove) to Sake Cafe on Magazine. He treated, and opened all the doors...even the car door.   We dined for over 2 hours.  Then he took  me to the  comedy festival and we watched 3-4 hours of comedy and it was great.  At about 2 we went to St. Joe's at the top of Magazine and had some drinks, shared a cigarette.  He drove me home and came in.  He chose my Eartha Kitt radio station on pandora and we kissed for bit, but then he danced me around my living room to classics like "Somebody to love" and "ain't that a kick in the head" until he had to leave for drill.  We talked about movies, and spacifics of James Bond and Clint Eastwood.
I've not danced so much in years, and I don't know that I've had a better first date (*though it's hard to compete with a week in Argintina).  I found a nice Irish Catholic boy??!?!!?!?!

I still feel dancey, and full of joy, and happy.  I'm actually looking forward to another date.  This is really wonderful.

He liked my old music!!!!!! 

Current Mood: so good
Friday, January 30th, 2009
12:11 am
Back from Minnesota. Trying to get caught up with things.  I'm happy I got to see the family.  I had some good fun and got to drive my sister's manual transmission car which does NOT have power steering.  I keep being impressed with how easy it is to handle my car, but I am dissapointed when I get in and my left foot hits only floor as I prepair to start the car.  Stick shift is so much fun!  And Zoomy!!

I got an internship for the semester. www.buyusa.gov/neworleans  I'm excited and hope very much that I will get some sort of job out of this.  Meanwhile I'm still working my old job and going to school.

My birthday is tomorrow, Sat. Jan 31.  Megan and I are going to the store when get off work to find a tiara...because I want to wear a tiara on my birthday.  I also want to wear a princess dress, but that may just be too impractical...

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
6:12 pm
Dear UNO,

Between your lack of regard for students, impotent administration and failure to admit that you don't have enough teachers you should not try to lure people to your school anymore.

Greedy, unproductive excuse for a university.

I hate you.

Your future nemesis.

Current Mood: cold calm hate
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
10:17 pm
If UNO were a person: I would smile when I made it cry. I would add a pint of sugar to its shampoo so that bugs would be extra attracted to its ugly face. I would randomly walk up, kick it in the balls so it would bend over, then bitch slap it until it cried...and as you may have noticed above, I'd smile...

I tried to register, but there's a hold on my account. I found 2 Spanish classes that aren't literature, which is the requiement. But one is "Spanish-American Civilization" and the discussion is English. The other is "tutorials for graduating seniors" which is pass/fail...I have no idea what it is, but it sounds better than the class I dropped last semester: yes, I would rather stab myself than take Spanish grammer. Not even kidding.

I also need to do an internship. Argh.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
6:16 pm
My car was broken into and my phone stolen. I'm currantly without phone. I am upset and irate and just so frustrated and without recourse. I filed a police report. I hope the piece of shit knows his worthlessness to society and suffers personally for it. I also wish I could knee cap him.

Please give me your numbers again.
Friday, December 5th, 2008
1:37 pm
Puppy Love
I was just playing with the dog, chasing eachother and such, and I started chasing her, but she just stopped and turned sideways and didnt even budge when I ran into and fell over her. I love having a dog. Except she keeps being cute and distracting me from my work...
Thursday, December 4th, 2008
11:27 am
Things are slightly stinky...but it's ok, cuz I have a secret dog!
I realize that my posts are boring, so I thought I'd try chapter titles so you can still get the gist of it...

I have a dog!!!

Arwin, my rent-a-dog, is awesome. I'm puppy sitting her until mid January. We play fetch and she keeps me from getting too cranky. we cuddle on the couch, unless she falls asleep on me in which case I'm simply trapped on the couch with no way to change the channel or get up. Megan is getting me a universal remote for Christmas. Hurray! Now it won't really matter that I am trapped by a giant dog!

Rear Ended
I got rear ended on my way home from work on Tuesday. I had pains for a while, but I think I'm fine. She wasn't going too fast, and she hit the steal plate on my bumper, so there wasn't any damage. Just jarring, and makes me a bit timid about people around me one the road.

EEK! Finals!
I'm very stressed about finals week, and the papers that I'm writing, or about to start the research on. I'm not very focused yet. I have a 20 page paper on the Social, Economic and Political developement of a 3rd world country due tomorrow, and I haven't even started. Meanwhile, I still have to work tonight, tomorrow night, and all day Sunday. I would open the window in the front and do my cramming thing, but I can't open the window because then my landlord might come by and discover my secret dog! No, I'm not supposed to have a dog...

I don't know if it's because of finals, or just Christmas, or more than likely the combination of all the new things that are going on in my life mixed with the overwhelming uneasiness about the future, but I'm freaking out a little. I have a lot on my plate, and a lot to think about. I know I just need to take care of it one bite at a time, but at the moment I feel like I'm staring at a giant dead elephant. Between the boys and the pregnant women, the papers/finals and work, family situation and Christmas plans, financial situation and pending graduation, my mind is always in stress mode and my sleep is less than good. At least the dreams aren't nightmares, and the dog means I don't need to spend money on heat.

There are conversations I need to have, and things I need to think about and plan but I really need to get some of this school work out of the way first. Maybe then the other things won't seem so big and daunting.

For example, still don't have in-state tuition, and thus am still contemplating an act of violence to show how displeased I am with the school continually fucking with me. In the spring I need an internship and 2 Spanish classes and then I can graduate! Hazah! Only, I haven't finished paying for this semester, so I can't register. I was thinking of getting another job and not going in the spring, but I can't afford that either because then I would loose the only health care I have (which is not insurance, it is just the school doctor and nurses on campus). Even after I do finally graduate, there is no market for me to get a job! All that debt, and I'm going to end up waiting tables like everyone else, only I'm going to be a little more bitter about it...until I get arrested for whatever I do to those assholes who won't give me resident tuition.
AAAHHHH! I should just have some cocoa and calm down...oh fuck, I don't have a microwave...

Need Microwave
My microwave broke, so if anyone has one to give away, or sees a good one on sale let me know please. I just need a little one for hot cocoa and small leftovers, I don't want a big one...my kitchen is pretty small.

I found a food stamp card for B.Smith in the ladies room at Flanagan's. If someone knows her, I'll give it back. If not, I'm all for spending it.
Monday, November 3rd, 2008
7:32 pm
cleaned the floor, and everything else that was sticky.
got the statement on the wallet stealing...my account is overdrawn to the tune of $236.33

I've got to write 3 papers this week, 2 by wed.

I got lots of awesome stuff at the clothing sale including a leather skirt, 2 velvet blazers and a trench coat.  But most exciting is the black stocking cap.  sweet.

I also got to see the Day of the Dead Parade, it was lively and beautiful.  I want to be part of it next year.
Saturday, November 1st, 2008
6:27 am
I want to marry my apartment
what a night.  fun, strange, well costumed.  it is something being the sober one all night.  It's even stranger when the other usually sober ones aren't.

Went to see the pirates kick ninja ass in Jackson Square, which was awesome.  Had some fun and quite frankly quality time with good friends, like Jason and Mike.  I had to go home, though I would have loved to stay at Flanagan's.  I suggested to Zak I just move some cloths in there, and his comment was, "do you realize how fucking clean this place would be?!" 

I got back, Megan, Lilly, and Richoux had already been to the apt and gone next door for Brit's party.  I walked in the and door handle was sticky, and parts of the floor were sticky, and the bathroom had blood spots.  Got to the party and found that Lilly was dressed as "random bloody guy 2008" not to be confused with "random bloody guy 2007"...next year the boy gets a real costume, because his "blood" is made of corn syrup and die.  My house is sticky, and there will be some major mopping and need to purchase many new rolls of paper towels.  To their credit, I suppose ;), they brought to whole party over to the house to show them, "holy crap, come see why Katie is going to kill Lilly!" and the party helped clean it up...or at least a few members there of.  The party was ok, Brit was already more than happy with the vodka, and Max kept trying to touch me, so I booked with Megan and Lilly.  Richoux was beyond exhausted and spoke so highly of his soft bed I was inclined to stay home and sleep.

I found parking in the triangle, and we proceeded down Frenchman (once I finally got my bearings and found it), but it was dying out, 2am and such, and so we proceeded to Flanagan's.  There I found more fun...for a while.  Matty and Pixi, and Mike as Rich Uncle Pennybags (one of the best costumes I've seen) were on their last legs for the evening.  Andy was busy in the kitchen and only made a few appearences as "towel man" who is by far my favorite halloween, no, forget that, my favorite creepy creation EVER!

TOWEL MAN: dressed in a fine suit, with a towel face with burned out eyes, stiched lips, 2 fingered (and thumbed) hands, is what happens when you don't hang your towel up.  the cold damp towel rises up to smother you for your mess.  ...towel man is my henchman.  mhahahaha

anyway, I met Zak's girl Merit.  She is so much fun, and sweet and cute and did I mention fun.  Oh yeah, and super nice!  we danced, and got along.  I like this girl, she is good friend materials!

But it was weird at Flanagan's, I was actually scared off!  Megan too.  people kept touching us.  Just in that, "ew, why are you so close to me" kind of way.  It was...something.

Megan wore her stripper heals, thinking "I used to wear these 8 hours a day, I'll be fine" but forgot that she no longer has the calluses for them.  she toughed it out, super hard core too, cuz they are 6 inch heals\-made it 20 blocks and 5 hours, but on the walk back to the car she finally told us how much it hurt.  after some arguing she took my flats (stepping on the heal) and I took the shoes, but I didn't get far.  my toe is feeling much better, but it's still pretty busted up.  so I walked bare foot the 12 blocks to the car.  Now I feel hard core and a little dirty. 

Dropped Megan and Lilly safely home, and returned to my quiet, slightly sticky apartment.  put on the comfys, made some cocoa and sat down on my comfy couch to watch some Gray's Anatomy online when I realized (and not even for the first time this week, this is how I feel going to bed and waking in the morning) I love this place!  How fucking lucky am I to live like this! 
...the only thing that would make this better would be a dog and a sandwich...

Current Mood: comforted
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
1:21 pm
I am costumed!
props to Aimee on the recomendation of Sole Star (3000 St. Claude). Local store, the owner was rediculously helpful, and I am now set for halloween...well costume at least.  I don't know what shoes to wear, my toes are still in incredible pain, I'm thinking running shoes.

She's there Tues&Wed 12-6pm (she's at the decatur store otherwise), and thurs & Friday 3-6pm.

I ended up with velvet, boyah!

I went to the bank, charges haven't cleared, so i took out all the money I could so when they do I will still have money.  the account will be in the negative, but all those overdrafts and such will be refunded when things are straightened out.

I tried to get up early, but  had nightmares all night, and decided  get up tomorrow.  I have to hit the DMV soon for a new DL.  Joy.

Current Mood: content
Monday, October 27th, 2008
11:00 pm
the day has ended ok. Zak doesn't hate me and I have some dollars.
I found my wallet was missing this morning, thinking I just dropped it in the house I waited til I got home to search.  It wasn't.  cleaned the house (which I trashed on saturday) and the car which has been messy for a while, but no sign.  Long and short: it was stolen and someone made 3 seporate charges on it. they also got my DL, military ID, 2 debit cards, school ID, and disaster foodstamp card still worth $100.  Plus, I liked that wallet!

At school I got my vietnam paper back, 84% B, I didn't talk about the book enough.  Ok, next one I'll write more like a book report,I can do that.

so I don't have enough money for my costume.  though I did some calling around earlier and every store I talked to was out of what I wanted.  Short on ambition to make it, my just wear my nurse outfit.  it's here, it's free, it fits, heck, I'm wearing it now: it's comfy!

Zak accidentally texted me wrong (something I do all the time...but) saying "I hate you" so I was upset, the text woke me so I was extra confused.  It's straightened out now.  and I went over to his house to clean, all upset from having someone steel my money, and did dishes for 3 hours.  I feel a lot better.  There were many of them, which is good because I was very mad and doing dishes calms me a lot.  Zen even.  then he gave me many dollars for the cleaning, so I can now afford to get a new Driver's License in the morning.  I don't have work this week.

On that end of things, my paycheck was short by over $100, I don't think he had the full schedule when he called in to Paychex.  It'll get straightened out when he gets back into town, but in the mean time what shall I do about a costume?!?!?!

Current Mood: tired
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